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k&k episode 174 - the one where they sing off-key over the music... and stuff...

We've got music in our hearts in episode 174, as Frog continues to tell us his stories about travelling in North America, these include (but are not limited to) gay karaoke in New York, adventures at toll booths, confusion about toilet doors, the ice phenomenon and ads on US tv.

show notes

Guest host : Frog

And check out the 10 best Australian beer ads. Make sure you stay for number 1. You won't regret it.

This episode was brought to you by the word "un péage" (a toll booth).


Rose :

You are not alone with your toll both episode. A couple of years ago I couldn't use my credit card at the toll both in Italy when two years prior to that I had no problems with this. Thank god I had the cash on me, but there were no people at the booth to even talk to. People were backed up behind me and the gate woundn't go up until you until you paid. Crazy!

HA - I am TOTALLY going to take a picture of the toilet doors tomorrow when I get to work. hehe

Frog - I am happy to hear you had a good time in NYC. too bad the girls didn't let you talk more about it. ::wink:: HA j/k. On your questions -here are my two American cents worth:
- I am ShOCKED you had to pay more for a non-iced drink. maybe this is just because you were in NYC? we do love our drinks cold and do have oral fixations where ice is concerned, but most places I've been offer free refills. So even if you are only getting half of glass of soda at a time, you are still getting your moneys worth. maybe you should've ventured down to Texas - we don't charge extra for no ice =) hehe It's not only the French. this is part of our "welcome to America, be prepared" training we give visiting Italians.

- Kylie is right about the matching commercials to demographics (good point Kyliemac!) but we do have way too many medicine commercials. Its those damn pharmaceutical companies- they are planning to take over the world! kidding (kinda). my Italian hates this as he feels we don't treat the roots of health issues here, we just throw medicine at it. he might be right.

great episode =)

ang :

I think I have the answer to the bagel in Paris question. When I had atempted to learn French, for a nano second, at the Alliance Francaise I discovered a sandwich place called Bagels and Brownies, or vice versa. A small place that basically has some counter space, but cute with gimicky bagel sandwich names named after cities in the US. The sandwiches are really good! Apparently the owners are a couple who used to live in NYC! So they know bagels.

Sorry I can't give you the exact local, but it is worth sleuthing out.

Kylie Mac, clever observation on Frog's Tv viewing habits in the US. He must of been watching the telly at really odd hours, huh?

If Kyliemac's hypothesis about ice and obessity is correct, how do you explain the obesity problem in France?

the advent of mcdonald's in france, of course! you always get ice in your drinks there. it would have taken this long for the effects to become apparent.

phil :

I would like to clarify that the credit card we tried to use at our ill-fated toll both experience was infact a card with the little chip on it. I learned later that this toll both company just doesn't accept non-EU cards. Nice

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