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k&k episode 210 - the one where they decide they'll have to go back to Burgundy... and stuff...

It is our great pleasure, in episode 210, to actually pay attention to the Pity Guest we found lurking in the Coffee Table Studio, The Justin. He doesn't tell us much about what he's doing in Paris, but he does tell us all about what he's doing in France - how he got here, why he's here, and what his corner of France is like.

show notes

Guest host : The Justin

This episode was brought to you by the word "la Bourgogne" (Burgundy).


The Justin is a hilarious guest!


Alicia :

Going to 'Eat Korean'. LOL. it sounds like you all are going to eat a Korean Person.

ksam :

This episode was hilarious. I bet all the listeners are now thinking that I should ditch The Justin more often. lol

Seriously though, one thing was running through my mind the whole time - The Justin is a big boy - why couldn't he have gone to a movie by himself??? Huh?? Answer me that!

Justin Author Profile Page:

@ksam The Justin is a social being, he does not go to movies by himself.

Agnes :

I can drive to Niagara Falls in an hour and a half too. Just from the other side. Yay Golden Horseshoe!

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