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k&k episode 317 - the one where they get triple cultured... and stuff...

In episode 317 Kylie tells us why her world is falling apart, then we chat extensively about our recent attempt to Get Cultured with a bunch of k&k listeners, by visiting Saint-Chapelle, La Conciergerie and the Cluny Museum (while eating falafel and playing foosball). We also talk about future Get Cultured adventures, meetups around the world and the various things happening in the k&k empire in the next couple of months!

show notes

For our first k&k Get Cultured excursion, we went to Saint-Chapelle, La Conciergerie and the Cluny Museum (Musée National du Moyen Age

This episode was brought to you by the word "le babyfoot" (foosball / table football / table soccer).

14 Feb, 2010
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