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k&k episode 68 - the one where they talk about postcard lovin'... and stuff...

Whilst Katia is off gallavanting around the world and Kyliemac is sunning herself on Paris Plage, in episode 68 we give you a little something we prepared earlier : a wee world tour via postcards.

show notes

This episode was brought to you by the word "une carte postale" (a postcard).

1 Aug, 2007

Alicia :

I am at work listening to your podcast....( and laughing... and apparently so hard that I am crying.. I've just been asked by a coworker what is wrong. lol. Your 'panda' comments made me laugh. Hope you both are having a good time on vacation! Hurry back soon! Thank you for the extra podcasts - I am glad I am not going through withdrawal. ;-)Best, Alicia, aka The Girl Who Sent a Postcard of a Panda to Paris

DATE: 4:24 AM
Yall cracked me up talking about armadillos! Silly, I dont think they are in Africa and they are extremely interesting and weird. Alien really. You did a good job explaining the cards and I hope you do the exchange again. I would love to participate this time!Thought about leaving an audio comment then chickened. out. hehe Glad you are having good vacations!

DATE: 5:59 PM
just wanted to point out, I did actually send you a postcard from Washington, too, not just one from Paris :-)

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