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IMPORTANT MESSAGE! So long & thanks for all the fish!

Thanks for following us through so many marvellous adventures, it's been fun!

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k&k episode 491 - the one where they learn how fish sauce is made... with the Fishes... and stuff...

In episode 491 we are pleased to present the final episode we recorded with Mr & Mrs Fish! We talk about fish sauce, communicating, guide books, favourite and least favourite places, souvenirs, scary and unexpected experiences, good and bad food. We finish off by talking about what they've learned about themselves and their relationship, and whether it's lived up to their expectations.

k&k episode 490 - the one where they wonder why movie titles are translated from English... to English... and stuff...

In episode 490 we ask PH a question that has been on the lips of every anglophone who has ever seen a movie poster: why are English movie titles sometimes renamed into English? (instead of into French, which would be logical...!) He tells us all about the historical precedents for renaming things, we discuss what shows are popular here in France, then we get very distracted by swag.

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